Woodworking as a business: What you need to know

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A woodworking business is a unique type of business. There is an artistic element involved as well as creating functional pieces of value. It is a business like any other, so it is still subject to two things, the first of which is good old-fashioned economic value; the woodworking piece needs to be valuable in the customer’s eye.

There are two main ways of achieving this. Making a piece that the customer especially requests is one way. This is a sure-fire way to satisfy the customer because directly listening to them is insightful, and it is direct communication.

The other option is to make pieces and then sell them. This is what can be referred to as good old-fashioned economic value created by the woodworking business, the good or the service. In this case, it is the finished woodworking project, the product we can sell in the marketplace.

The other element in the economic equation is simply marketing. How are people going to find out about our specific woodworking business? We do two things, we create value, i.e., the completed woodworking project, the creation or product itself, and we market the product.

These are two ideas to focus on to have success in any business and this thinking directly applies, of course to woodworking. Create the product, and market it, not necessarily in that order.

Tools and design

Woodworking businesses are unique because, as mentioned above, the product can be made after the customer requests it, or before, and then sold to whoever wants to buy it. The woodworking business also requires the business owner to have the tools to create these functional wooden works of art. Most, if not all finished woodworking pieces are going to be functional as well as artistically beautiful; even the most functional pieces are going to be aesthetically pleasing in a sense.

Art, design, and beauty are always going to play a role in the creation of a woodworked object. Even the most utilitarian tool is going to be appreciated, at least slightly more so when it has a clean and smooth appearance. An ugly piece may be equally functional but the beautiful piece will likely sell better.

Fortunately, a well-made wood object has its own intrinsic beauty due to the material being used. Natural wood has an artistically beautiful element to it that everyone can see and will likely appreciate. Wood Profits help provide valuable information to learning about the woodworking business. The experts at Wood Profits offer guidance and help.

Work from home

The possibility of working from home is potentially a key benefit of the woodworking business. Function and marketing is everything, so the functional related aspect of woodworking is simply creating the product; this can be done anywhere. Working from home reduces some of the administrative costs of doing business such as commuting. Increased convenience is also valuable when considering the business owner’s life outside of working hours.

Our time is valuable and working from home saves time. Walking to the garage and immediately getting started is an efficient use of time for the business owner. Woodworking allows one to be both the entrepreneur, CEO, and employee in the sense that the CEO is hiring himself to go to work and build a project, turn a woodworking idea into reality.

Startup requirements

The reasons are numerous as to why the woodworking business is a valuable and profitable endeavor. The costs are relatively low; the initial startup requirements would be tools, wood, and another requirement is, of course a place to work, such as a garage, a shed, or a shop—with electricity of course.

Visiting Wood Profits is a good way to learn more about the woodworking business. Woodworking also entails the ability to creatively express oneself as a human being, in one’s work, through this fruitful craft. People appreciate items that have value on many levels, items that they can use on a regular basis, so a useful creative work of art is valued in the marketplace.


The woodworking business is an opportunity to express oneself creatively, using two hands to build something of value. It is directly creating a product that has economic value. Combine that with marketing, and it is easy to see why this is a great business to be in. The work is enjoyable, it requires the human body to move, which makes it healthier.

Most importantly, the woodworking process is fun; it is rewarding to see the finished product, and enjoyable to see incremental progress and change towards completion. Woodworking has relatively low startup capital requirements (tools, a shop or garage to work at) and the woodworking process clearly produces useful and/or beautiful wood products that add value to people’s lives.