Things to build out of wood

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This is the best part of woodworking; the creativity involved, in turning our idea, into a wooden reality. We can build almost any item out of wood. Wood is ever present in nature because of strength and durability; it is beautiful as well. The natural beauty of a wooden design is pleasant to look at. Many people know this, which is why wood items are commonly used by people; they are both functional and artistic.

One way to come up with things to build out of wood is to think about what people do. Many people use a smartphone, but they set their phone on a flat table when not using it. When a message pops up, they have to use one or two hands to pick up the phone and maybe tap the screen to view the content.

Thanks to woodworking, we can create a wooden smartphone holder that rests the phone in a viewing position so that its screen can be viewed at all times. Furthermore, let’s think about what demands exist in our economy. The smartphone created the demand for a wooden cellphone holder. A cell phone holder serves a purpose in people’s lives.

People need boxes or wooden chests to store items. Specific examples of this could be a treasure chest that stores children’s toys, or a young man’s sporting equipment. People also need dressers, tables, and chairs. Furniture is a great use of wood because wood is so special in its unique beauty, which cannot be replicated in non-wooden furniture.

Only wood gives that feel, the energy that natural wood provides when it is used for a good and useful purpose in the home. Furniture, technology accessories, organizing boxes, shelves—all of these things can be built with wood. Almost any object can be made of wood.

The possibilities are really only constrained by the human imagination. One way of organizing the thinking process regarding things to build out of wood is to think about human activities. Let’s only take one domain of human life for this example. Kitchenware, cupboards, cabinets, cutting boards, holders for various items—all are examples of useful products people need.

Another example is artistic beauty. Great carvings or frames for paintings, or 3D carved wooden sculptures are all wooden pieces valued by people. Ideas of things to build out of wood can also be found on the Wood Profits website. The internet gives us access to so much information, but it has to be information we can use, so for us, it would be specifically woodworking information that is most useful.

This is what Wood Profits is; it is a community of likeminded people coming together to share and present information that people interested in woodworking can use. This site can point us in the right direction when we are thinking about things to build out of wood.

Combining modern technology and woodworking is a great idea. For example, creating a cellphone or smartphone holder is a great idea, so instead of consistently resting the phone on the table, create a stand that makes the phone directly face the user sitting at a desk, so they can always see the screen, like a small stand for the phone, to increase the phone’s value and the overall user experience.

A bench, a tree house, or a child’s fort, a large mirror holder for a home—these are all examples of things to build out of wood. An entire wooden cabin could even be built. Wood is extremely useful so it’s applications are wide. A bedframe, a nightstand, and even a bird feeder are all great examples.

When we physically step outside of the home, we can think about items we can use out there. A storage shed, a door, or bird feeder are all great items to be made from wood. A wooden mantel with a wooden picture frame can be a great way to add something special to a home.

Being artistic and creative is a good way to generate ideas here. Furthermore, simply thinking about the different activities humans participate in, then extrapolating from there, is an excellent way to think about things we can create out of wood.