13 Different Types Of Wood Carving Chisels & Gouges- Woodcarving Tools

We usually consider chisels under two main categories. The first category includes chisels for general use (click here to see our list of woodworking chisels). The second type of tool comes under the category of wood carving which will talk about below. Anyone who is into wood carving will have a vast collection of wood … Read more

Adze – A Brief Guide to This Primitive Woodworking Tool

Adze woodworking tool — Photo

One of the lesser-known woodworking tools is the adze, also known as adz. This tool traces its history back to ancient times. It serves well in carpentry tasks. According to archaeological evidence, neolithic farmers used adzes extensively. The adze is a primitive woodworking tool that we don’t know much about. With a bit of experience … Read more

Why Are Wood Carving Mallets Round?

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When you need to procure wood carving mallets, the first thing you’ll notice is that many of them are round. Why not any other shape? Why are they only round? There is a lot you can learn about wood carving mallets. Why are wood carving mallets round? Wood carving mallets are round for multiple reasons. … Read more

Japanese vs Western Chisels

lot of sawdust. Wooden background.

If you want a fine chisel to work with, a Japanese chisel is an excellent choice. Although western-style tools have a wide range, Japanese tools can add to the value of your woodworking toolbox. When we consider Japanese vs western chisels, Japanese chisels have a few notable advantages over their western counterparts. The Japanese style … Read more

A Brief History of Woodworking

Senior man doing woodworking

Wood is a material that holds a fascination for many people. Woodworkers are a respected community of people in society. Woodworking has always been around since ancient times. The history of woodworking is something that holds an attraction to everyone. Wood is a material that has passed through many eras since ancient times. Woodworking has … Read more

Japanese vs Western Woodworking – Differences Compared

Woodworking and carpentry tools in workshop.

Of all the different countries which have various styles of woodworking, Japanese woodworking is one of the most unique styles. It is set apart from the western style of woodworking. You can learn a lot from the Japanese style of woodworking. It is an ancient form of woodworking passed down from generation to generation. Japanese … Read more

What Is Japanese Woodworking?

Japanese Woodworking Tools On the table

Japanese woodworking is an art that dates back to the 12th Century when Japanese woodworkers started practicing this technique. It is a unique form of woodworking that uses wood as the base material and only wood. Japanese woodworking is a woodworking technique where the woodworker works on the wood in such a way that nails, … Read more

List of Colleges with Woodworking Degrees

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Woodworking is a fascinating field, and you can get extremely attached to it. Some woodworkers have been in this field for years, some as amateurs and some as professionals. Whatever the level of involvement, you need considerable experience and preferably, but not mandatorily, a qualification. Many universities and colleges offer woodworking courses in the US. … Read more

Is Woodworking an Art, Craft or Trade?


To the layperson, woodworking consists of cutting boards and planks and assembling them into something useful. Others on the other hand may consider it as a medium of expression and creativity. When we look at these two aspects of woodworking, you may wonder under what category does it fall? An art? A Craft? A trade? … Read more