12 Most Useful Types Of Woodworking Planes

wood working plane

As a beginning woodworker, you’ll need a few decent planes to get started. Much of it will depend on the kinds of projects you are doing. A Jack Plane is a very versatile all-around tool to have, a Block Plane is compact for small spaces and good for detail while many consider the Bench Plane … Read more

8 Types Of Woodworking Vises

If you are a beginner woodworker, you’ll need to have a decent collection of vices to hold your projects together. They are especially useful for cabinetmaking and other projects where pieces have to be glued together. A woodworking vise by definition has jaws for holding the job and a screw mechanism that adjusts the grip … Read more

13 Types Of Woodworking Joints- Woodworking & Carpentry Tools Guide

In woodworking, you get to use several different types of joints when you have to join sections of wood together. There is a specific type of joint that is most suitable for each stage of a woodworking project. Knowing different types of woodworking joints is an important part of woodworking. The success of a woodworking … Read more

8 Types Of Woodworking Rasps -Woodworking Tools Guide

types of woodworking rasps

When you are working with wood, you need to get set up with at least the basic tools.  To begin with, you need to have a workshop or at least a dedicated space where you can work, uninterrupted. Once you have a place to work, the next step is to create your setup. A good … Read more

Polycrylic vs. Polyurethane (Pros & Cons)

When choosing between different types of wood finishes, you will most likely hear a debate about which is better: polycrylic or polyurethane? The fact of the matter is that each of these chemical finishes has its own strengths and weaknesses. We will be discussing these factors throughout this article to help you make the best choice … Read more