15 Types Of Nails – Woodworking Tools Guide

types of woodworking nails

There are several types of nails commonly used in woodworking. Some of the most common types of nails for wood include roundhead nails, finish nails, brad nails, box nails, and common nails.  There are many of other types of nails such as flooring nails and framing nails although those are used mostly in construction rather … Read more

Files vs Rasps – Differences Between Them (Woodworking Tools)

A common misunderstanding we make while discussing hand tools is to consider a file and a rasp as the same thing. Although both of these tools perform similar tasks, each one performs a specific type of function. The primary difference between a rasp and a file is that rasps are primarily for wood, but files … Read more

19 Types Of Woodworking Files -Woodworking Tools Guide

woodworking files

When starting out in woodworking you will need some essential hand tools from the word go.  Woodworking files are one of the most simple yet effective tools you’ll need.  In this article, we take a look at the different types of woodworking files and the uses of each type. When we discuss files in the … Read more

5 Types Of Woodworking Benches-Woodworking Tools Guide

person using a woodworking bench

In woodworking, a workbench is a table that we use to hold workpieces together to work on them. It is the basic structure that we need for any woodworking. Depending on the different types of woodwork that you need to do, you get different types of woodworking benches. Most woodworking benches are bulky and rigid … Read more

10 Types Of Woodworking Machines-Woodworking Tools Guide

types of woodworking machines

Although there are many types of hand tools that we use while woodworking, most jobs would be difficult to complete without using at least one woodworking machine.  There are various types of woodworking machines available in the market to help us with our work.  These woodworking machines fall under two basic categories, handheld power tools, … Read more

12 Most Useful Types Of Woodworking Planes

wood working plane

As a beginning woodworker, you’ll need a few decent planes to get started. Much of it will depend on the kinds of projects you are doing. A Jack Plane is a very versatile all-around tool to have, a Block Plane is compact for small spaces and good for detail while many consider the Bench Plane … Read more

8 Types Of Woodworking Rasps -Woodworking Tools Guide

types of woodworking rasps

When you are working with wood, you need to get set up with at least the basic tools.  To begin with, you need to have a workshop or at least a dedicated space where you can work, uninterrupted. Once you have a place to work, the next step is to create your setup. A good … Read more