11 Types Of Woodworking Chisels – Tools Guide

Among woodworking hand tools, we could consider the most indispensable as chisels. However, there are so many different types of woodworking chisels, that it’s easy to get thoroughly confused. If you want to be a competent woodworker, you will need to use appropriate chisels for the job at hand. A chisel consists of a long … Read more

19 Types Of Woodworking Files -Woodworking Tools Guide

woodworking files

When starting out in woodworking you will need some essential hand tools from the word go.  Woodworking files are one of the most simple yet effective tools you’ll need.  In this article, we take a look at the different types of woodworking files and the uses of each type. When we discuss files in the … Read more

How to Store Hand Saws

Workshop wall with tools in rows alongside a drill press

The hand saw is one of the most indispensable hand tools that a woodworker uses. There is a variety of hand saws, and we have covered many of them in another post. However, how to store hand saws is a frequently discussed subject amongst woodworkers. How to store hand saws properly is something that any … Read more

Types of Lumber

Set of Stacked wood pine timber for construction buildings and furniture production

We call wood in the form of planks and beams “timber,” and in the United States and Canada, we call it “lumber.” You can get lumber in different sizes and shapes, and it plays a crucial role as a construction material. In this post, we look at the two broad wood categories, softwood, and hardwood … Read more