Can You Cut MDF or OSB With a Jigsaw?

jigsaw, harvesting furniture parts on the workbench

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and oriented strand board (OSB) are two versatile forms of engineered wood that woodworkers use extensively. They are durable and easy to paint. But cutting these materials can be tricky. The question often arises is whether you can cut them with a jigsaw. Can you cut MDF or OSB with a jigsaw? … Read more

Why Does Jigsaw Jump While Cutting (+ How To Prevent)

Man cutting laminate board with jigsaw

A jigsaw is one of the essential power tools in a woodworker’s workshop. There is much you can do with a jigsaw. But you must take some precautions while using this versatile power tool to achieve the best results. Why does a jigsaw jump while cutting? This is a much-asked question by woodworkers who use … Read more

Can Circular Saw Blades Be Sharpened?

New Circular Saw photo

As a woodworker, you are likely to spend considerable time working with circular saw blades. Occasionally, you may come across a dull saw blade. How do you deal with it? You need to decide on whether to sharpen a blade or replace it. Can circular blades be sharpened? The answer to this question is, yes. … Read more

Can a Jigsaw Cut a 2×4?

Replacing the knife on a jigsaw for cutting wood

Jigsaws are useful power tools to have in a woodworking workshop. Due to its thin blade, you can cut in different shapes and curves with this tool. When it comes to cutting thin material, we consider a jigsaw as the most suitable choice. Can a jigsaw cut a 2×4? It is an often-asked question. Although … Read more

Can You Sand Wood While It’s Still Wet?

Using Sandpaper For Polishing Birdhouse

An essential part of a woodworking project is sanding the wood to create a smooth surface before applying a finish. We use sandpaper of various grits. Sometimes, you may need to wet the surface to produce specific results. Can you still sand wood while it’s wet? This is a much asked question and the answer … Read more

Can I Use Drywall Spackle as Wood Filler?

A sheetrock or drywall background

Spackle is a compound that you can use instantly to fill cracks in surfaces like wood, wallboard, and masonry. If you wonder if you can use spackle as wood filler, the answer is yes. But it’s worthwhile to know a bit about this useful substance. Whether we can use drywall spackle as wood filler is … Read more

5 Reasons Why Woodworkers Wear Aprons

Cropped view of carpenter in apron holding hammer drill

Aprons play a prominent role in the world of woodworking. Aprons come in a variety of styles and varieties. If you are a woodworker, you are probably looking out for a useful apron for yourself as well. Reasons, why woodworkers wear aprons, are many. Primarily, they wear them to protect their clothes from flying debris … Read more

What Shoes Do Woodworkers Wear (And Why?)

Work boots isolated against white background

Woodworking involves standing for endless hours and moving around the woodworking workshop. It can be heavy on your feet. Moreover, you stand a high chance of dropping heavy or sharp objects on your feet. Therefore, you need suitable footwear to keep your feet comfortable and safe. What shoes woodworkers wear is an important aspect of … Read more

How to Select Saw Blades for Different Materials

Circular saws black

As a woodworker, a major part of your work will involve working with saw blades. There is a vast collection of saw blades for every imaginable purpose. It’s easy to get confused, but it is possible to learn and know how to select the right blade and get the best out of it. Knowing how … Read more

Understanding Saw Blade Tooth Count

Circular Saw blades

If you are a woodworker, you will know that saw blades are an important part of the work you do. Most saw blades have teeth, and it is useful to know about the different blades, the number of teeth, their configuration, and so on. The saw blade tooth count of a saw is an important … Read more