Walnut vs Iroko Woods Compared

When we try to procure wood for our woodworking projects, the requirements may vary. We look for wood that is durable, attractive, and long-lasting. Walnut and iroko are two types of wood that have all those qualities. Walnut and iroko are two diversely different yet in many ways similar types of wood. While walnut, as … Read more

Best Wood Finishes for Children’s Toys


With small children at home, you need to be on your guard about their safety round the clock. Accidents will happen even at the best of times. Small children tend to put everything into their mouths. Like in our post that features the best wood for children’s toys, we also need to consider the type … Read more

Types of Lumber

Set of Stacked wood pine timber for construction buildings and furniture production

We call wood in the form of planks and beams “timber,” and in the United States and Canada, we call it “lumber.” You can get lumber in different sizes and shapes, and it plays a crucial role as a construction material. In this post, we look at the two broad wood categories, softwood, and hardwood … Read more

Oak vs Mahogany

oak wood vs mahogany wood texture

When we plan a woodworking project, one of the first considerations is the type of wood to use. The initial decision to make is to choose between softwood and hardwood. We usually go for a robust, strong, and durable hardwood. Oak and Mahogany are two of the most popular hardwoods that woodworkers choose for their … Read more

Walnut vs Acacia

walnut vs acacia wood texture

Walnut wood is one of the finest types of wood that you can find to use in woodworking projects. Another often underrated wood is Acacia. As much as walnut is revered, acacia comes in as a viable alternative. Walnut and Acacia are two types of wood that you may find commonly used all across the … Read more

Sapwood vs Heartwood

Wooden texture from cut tree trunk of maple tree, closeup. Cross section of a tree trunk. Top view

An important aspect to consider in woodworking is the two primary components of a tree trunk, the sapwood and the heartwood. The sapwood is the outer region of the tree trunk, it is usually lighter in color and softer. On the other hand, the heartwood is the central part of the tree trunk, which is … Read more

Is Reclaimed Wood Cheaper?

Scrap wood and lumber cuttings for firewood

We call wood deemed for demolishing as part of old buildings or even wood from old condemned furniture reclaimed wood. There are several advantages of reclaimed wood and some downsides as well. A much-debated question is the price of reclaimed wood. Is reclaimed wood cheaper? You may ask. Many factors determine the final price of … Read more

Japanese vs Western Woodworking – Differences Compared

Woodworking and carpentry tools in workshop.

Of all the different countries which have various styles of woodworking, Japanese woodworking is one of the most unique styles. It is set apart from the western style of woodworking. You can learn a lot from the Japanese style of woodworking. It is an ancient form of woodworking passed down from generation to generation. Japanese … Read more

Most Endangered Wood Species

On a plowed field, close-up stacked trunks of cut trees.Autumn and spring fog in the background, slush and mud. Timber cutting.

Across the world, over 7,400 trees appear on the IUCN Red List under the category of globally-threatened species of trees. Out of this, the Red List considers more than 1,100 trees critically endangered. Other estimates state that over 30% of the trees in the world face the threat of extinction, and many of them grow … Read more

Where to Find Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood Wall Paneling texture — Photo

We consider wood that we get from a demolished building or structure as reclaimed wood. It is different from lumber in that salvaged lumber can be wood that has not been used but stored for several years. On the other hand, reclaimed wood will always be well-used. By reclaimed wood, we mean lumber that served … Read more