Why Do Woodworking Benches Have Holes?

Traditional Woodworking Workshop

Woodworkers use a workbench, a specialized table upon which they perform all their woodworking tasks. Woodworking benches need to be heavy, sturdy, and with thick, strong wooden tabletops. An interesting fact is that they contain dog holes. Why do woodworking benches have holes? It is an interesting question, and once you know the reason, you … Read more

Do You Need to Be Good at Math for Woodworking?

Mathematics background

Numbers are everywhere. A world without numbers is difficult to imagine. Whichever field you are in, you get to use math – more so in woodworking. Do you need to be good at math for woodworking? Knowledge of the four basic operations, decimals, fractions, and other advanced concepts such as geometric shapes and angles is … Read more

Why Are Wood Carving Mallets Round?

woman wearing blank gray t-shirt, jeans hand holding hammer

When you need to procure wood carving mallets, the first thing you’ll notice is that many of them are round. Why not any other shape? Why are they only round? There is a lot you can learn about wood carving mallets. Why are wood carving mallets round? Wood carving mallets are round for multiple reasons. … Read more

Can You Cut Wood With an Angle Grinder?

grinder isolated on white background

We use an angle grinder to cut various materials such as metals, plastics, stone, concrete, and wood. The cutting wheel or grinding wheel of an angle grinder typically has no teeth. Should you cut wood with an angle grinder? The short answer is “No.” While it is possible, there are many downsides. While you can … Read more

What is Racking in Woodworking (+ How To Prevent)

A large industrial racking in a woodworking

Woodworking is an intricate process that uses various tools and processes. While working on wood, sometimes things don’t go as planned. One of the issues that can adversely affect your work is racking. What is racking and how can you prevent it? Racking occurs when the workpiece shifts while working on it, causing vibration. It … Read more

Why Is My Jigsaw Cutting At An Angle?

jig saw with laser at work

Jigsaws are great power tools to have around a woodworking workshop. However, they also tend to malfunction in various ways. Whenever we cut material of a particular thickness, we like to get a square cut. But with a jigsaw, it does not always happen. Why is my jigsaw cutting at an angle? This question frequently … Read more

Why Does a Jigsaw Blade Bend?

DIY worker cutting wooden panel with jig saw

We use a jigsaw to cut different shapes in various materials. But you need a suitable blade to do this. With a good blade, you have a versatile power tool for performing several tasks with different types of cuts on various materials. Why does my jigsaw blade bend? It is a much-asked question and there … Read more

Basic Guide to Biscuit Joints in Woodworking

detail of biscuit jointer at work

One of the commonest techniques for a woodworker to learn is what we call “joinery.” It is nothing but the art of joining together two sections of wood. There are several types of woodworking joints and the biscuit joint is one of them. Any guide to biscuit joints in woodworking will make them seem easy … Read more

Is Woodturning Dangerous?

Partially comp[leted wood turned bowl

We refer to the art or process of fashioning wooden pieces or blocks into various forms and shapes using a lathe as woodturning. The lathe, the machine used in woodturning, helps us to produce just about any rounded piece of woodcraft like furniture legs, bowls, lamps, and even handles of tools. Woodturners who operate lathes, … Read more

Can Wood Be Too Dry for Woodworking?

cylindrical logs for log home stack

Moisture levels of wood fluctuate from one section to another. The presence of moisture in wood can affect its workability of wood. It can have a damaging effect in many ways. Can wood be too dry for woodworking? This is a question that gets asked from time to time. The moisture levels of wood determine … Read more