Best Wood for Outdoor Benches

Lush green garden with stone landscaping and bench

Whether you want to make a new outdoor wooden bench or recondition an old one, you need to use suitable wood. We usually make outdoor benches from pressure-treated cedar or pine. However, these are softwoods and need annual maintenance. You can find many other suitable types of wood to use as well. If you want … Read more

Best Wood For Exterior Shutters

Old styled European window with shutters, flower box and mail box

Exterior shutters are wooden structures that protect our home from weather and keeps it secure from theft. The material we use is extremely critical, and we usually use robust, straight-grained wood that has considerable resistance to the weather. We discuss the best wood for outdoor furniture in another post where we touch upon similar characteristics … Read more

Mahogany Alternatives – In Search of Wood Substitutes

African Mahogany Woods

American mahogany is coveted the world over. The prices are increasing exponentially and the availability is reducing. The cost of processing this precious timber is skyrocketing, compelling the search for substitutes. Mahogany Substitutes There are many viable substitutes available in the market today if you make the effort to source these woods that have similar … Read more

Rosewood Alternatives – In Search of Rare Wood Substitutes

Texture of rosewood (high-detailed wood texture series)

Since 1992, rosewood in its various forms began to disappear from the market. In January 2017, it became officially banned, particularly Brazilian rosewood, that wood that we treasured for making guitars over the centuries. As a result of the ban, initially many people who weren’t aware of the ban even had their instruments destroyed. This … Read more

Teak vs. Cherry Wood – Pros & Cons

teak wood vs cherry wood

If you are looking for some of the classiest wooden interior furnishings, you would do well to choose either teak or cherry wood. Both of these hardwoods are among the hardest and strongest that you can get. Looks-wise, they both have attractive colors and fine grain patterns. Teak and Cherry are both prized woods for … Read more

Synthetic Teak vs Real Teak

Synthetic teak (flexiteek)vs Real Teak1

Real teak is one of the world’s most sought-after wood. Once upon a time, it was the ultimate wood to use for furniture, building material, carving, outdoor applications like decking and for making boats. Today, teak wood still reigns supreme in the world of woodworking. Unfortunately, due to the over-exploitation of this precious resource, the … Read more

scratch awl vs center punch

Two of the most underrated woodworking hand tools are the woodworking awl, also known as “scratch awl,” and the center punch. We use a scratch awl more than we realize and even improvise with other available accessories like a sharp nail and pin. However, a center punch is more specific, and even if you improvise, you … Read more

13 Different Types of Teak Wood

heathlands with trees as part of a wood

When you consider furniture or home interiors, woodwork is what adds the finishing touch. You can always add class to your home by using wood furnishings. Teak is in high demand, especially for outdoor furniture, and is therefore expensive wood. If you want to use teak for your woodwork, procuring it can be a confusing … Read more

Teak vs. Beech Wood

round teak wood stump background. Trees cut section for background texture

As a woodworker, you would have come across these two types of wood, teak and beech. Both are quite popularly used to make furniture, musical instruments and also for construction. While teak grows in tropical regions, beech comes from places of temperate climates and is not as strong and durable as teak. Beech is not … Read more