Rosewood vs. Mango Wood (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)


As a woodworker, certain wood types may come to your notice with characteristics that make an interesting study. Two such varieties of wood are rosewood and mango wood. Both are extremely hard and durable woods. The reason why we highlight these here is that they both have a distinct aroma, albeit different from each other. … Read more

Rosewood Vs. Ebony (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)

rosewood vs ebony wood

Rosewood is an exotic variety of wood that comes from the Tipuana, Pterocarpus, and Dalbergia genera of trees. It is a hardwood characterized by its aroma that resembles that of roses. It has a dark brown to reddish coloration and we consider it as one of the stronger and more durable varieties of hardwood. Ebony … Read more

Stain vs. Paint (Pros & Cons)

a wooden surface half coated with protective varnish for wood, d

A time may come when you want to restore some of the wooden items outside your home like your yard or pathways. It may be decking, fences, or outdoor furniture. The question that arises here is as to what type of finish that you would like to use, and how suitable those finishes are to … Read more

What is Interior Plywood?

Baltic- Birch- Plywood

Plywood is an engineered wood that we make by bonding layers of wood veneer with glue to form boards of different thicknesses. It consists of softwood and hardwood. Some hardwoods that go to make plywood are oak, mahogany, and ash. Birch is another primary wood that we use to manufacture plywood, particularly Baltic birch with … Read more

What is Baltic Birch Plywood?

stack of plywood

When you hear so much about Baltic birch plywood, you may wonder why there is so much hype about it. Woodworkers prefer this variety of plywood to use in their projects because it is a durable and smart-looking choice of wood. It is easy to work with, and you get the cleanest joints with this … Read more

Best Wood for Bookshelves

No matter where they are placed, bookshelves play an important role in interior decor in a living room bedroom or an office. As a woodworker, you would have had numerous occasions where you had to make bookshelves. Building bookshelves is one of the easiest things to do, but you have to keep certain factors in … Read more

What is Luan Plywood?

3d render of a modern Wavy Chair

Luan plywood, also known as Lauan plywood, comes from the Lauan tree, a type of shorea that also goes by the name of Philippine mahogany or Meranti. You will find these trees growing on the South pacific rim. Luan plywood enjoys wide popularity in the United States. It is one of the softer varieties of … Read more

What is Marine Plywood?

set of plywood, industrial illustration

Plywood comes under the category of engineered wood. We make plywood by gluing thin layers of wood veneer together to form boards of varying thicknesses. The grains of the successive layers of wood veneer are at 90° to each other. The combination of the glue and wood grain orientation gives plywood its tremendous strength. Plywood … Read more

Best Wood for Bending

The process of wood steam bending involves exposing wood to steam, making it pliable, and then shaping it accordingly. When the wood cools down, it will take on a new shape. The generally accepted steam bending procedure is done using a steam block box and a former to bend the wood upon. Steam bending presents … Read more

Why Bandsaws Cut Crooked

large industrial band saw of carpentry with table and rolls

A bandsaw is a versatile piece of woodworking shop equipment that every woodworking shop should have. Band saws have a lot of advantages – you can cut unlimited lengths of straight lines or in different curved shapes. You can also cut pieces of different thicknesses with reasonable accuracy. Like all good things, there is always … Read more