Teak vs. Redwood (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)

teak vs redwood texture

Teak and redwood are two of the most well-known and widely used wood species in the United States. While teak wood is a hardwood and is native to tropical countries in Asia and Africa, redwood, a softwood is a permanent resident of the United States. Teak and redwood find countless uses in various woodworking projects. … Read more

Teak vs Birch Wood – Do They Even Compare?

Tectona grandis (leaves flowers and fruit). Location: Maui, Kihei

As a woodworker, you are probably familiar with two types of wood – teak, and birch. Both types of wood are unique in their own way and find many applications in the world of woodworking. Here we take a closer look at teak vs birch wood. Teak vs birch wood is an interesting comparison to … Read more

Why Is Acacia Wood So Expensive?

Cross section of a felled acacia tree — Photo

Acacia is a fine but expensive wood due to its demand. In many countries it is scarce. It has some versatile properties that make it a popular type of wood to use for furniture and many other applications. You will find Acacia trees growing in Asia, Africa, America, and Australia. Why is acacia so expensive? … Read more

Teak vs Douglas Fir – Wood Comparison

Teak vs douglas fir wood

Your woodworking projects depend a lot on the type of wood you use. With so many types of wood available, you could be easily confused, especially when you are on a budget. However, two types of wood that can cover all budgets are teak and Douglas fir. Teak and Douglas fir are two types of … Read more

Walnut vs Poplar Woods Compared

walnut vs poplar tree bark

There are many substitutes to walnut wood but poplar is not one of them. It might seem a strange way to start a comparison post between these two diverse types of wood. But as you read on, you will realize why we compare both types of wood here. Walnut wood and poplar need no introduction. … Read more

Walnut vs Beech Woods Compared

walnut vs beech wood texture

You can find a wide variety of woods for woodworking in the market these days. The choice is abundant as the import of wood has become easy. However, people are increasingly preferring local wood sourced sustainably. Walnut wood and beechwood are both great options for any woodworking project. Price is the only thing to remember … Read more

Walnut vs Iroko Woods Compared

When we try to procure wood for our woodworking projects, the requirements may vary. We look for wood that is durable, attractive, and long-lasting. Walnut and iroko are two types of wood that have all those qualities. Walnut and iroko are two diversely different yet in many ways similar types of wood. While walnut, as … Read more

Oak vs Mahogany

oak wood vs mahogany wood texture

When we plan a woodworking project, one of the first considerations is the type of wood to use. The initial decision to make is to choose between softwood and hardwood. We usually go for a robust, strong, and durable hardwood. Oak and Mahogany are two of the most popular hardwoods that woodworkers choose for their … Read more

Walnut vs Acacia: A Guide to Selecting Wood

walnut vs acacia wood texture

Walnut wood is one of the finest types of wood that you can find to use in woodworking projects. Another often underrated wood is Acacia. As much as walnut is revered, acacia comes in as a viable alternative. Walnut wood is known for its rich appearance, moderate hardness, and price while acacia is valued for … Read more

Most Endangered Wood Species

On a plowed field, close-up stacked trunks of cut trees.Autumn and spring fog in the background, slush and mud. Timber cutting.

Across the world, over 7,400 trees appear on the IUCN Red List under the category of globally-threatened species of trees. Out of this, the Red List considers more than 1,100 trees critically endangered. Other estimates state that over 30% of the trees in the world face the threat of extinction, and many of them grow … Read more