Oak vs Mahogany

oak wood vs mahogany wood texture

When we plan a woodworking project, one of the first considerations is the type of wood to use. The initial decision to make is to choose between softwood and hardwood. We usually go for a robust, strong, and durable hardwood. Oak and Mahogany are two of the most popular hardwoods that woodworkers choose for their … Read more

Walnut vs Acacia

walnut vs acacia wood texture

Walnut wood is one of the finest types of wood that you can find to use in woodworking projects. Another often underrated wood is Acacia. As much as walnut is revered, acacia comes in as a viable alternative. Walnut and Acacia are two types of wood that you may find commonly used all across the … Read more

Most Endangered Wood Species

On a plowed field, close-up stacked trunks of cut trees.Autumn and spring fog in the background, slush and mud. Timber cutting.

Across the world, over 7,400 trees appear on the IUCN Red List under the category of globally-threatened species of trees. Out of this, the Red List considers more than 1,100 trees critically endangered. Other estimates state that over 30% of the trees in the world face the threat of extinction, and many of them grow … Read more

Teak vs. Ipe – Woods Compared (Pros & Cons)

teak wood vs ipe wood planks

Teak and Ipe are two of the most versatile and durable woods you can get for woodworking. Although most people know about teak, little is known about Ipe, which serves as a viable alternative to teak. Teak and Ipe are among the top two types of wood you might consider when planning a woodworking project. … Read more

Birch Plywood vs MDF (Pros & Cons)

It is difficult or even impossible to replace the beauty of natural wood. But using solid wood is an expensive option. Fortunately, two popular alternatives, birch plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF), help considerably bring down the cost of woodworking projects. Birch plywood and MDF are both made of natural wood but come under the category … Read more

Oak vs Acacia Woods Compared

oak vs acacia cross section tree

In the world of woodworking, oak and acacia are two types of wood that command a lot of respect. They are both highly durable and versatile woods. It is worthwhile to know a bit about both these types of wood, how to identify them and use them. Acacia and oak are two robust types of … Read more

Birch vs Walnut Woods Compared

birch vs african walnut wood texture background

In your forays into various places in search of wood for your woodworking projects, you may frequently come across two types of wood – birch, and walnut. While they are each on either side of the price bracket, they do have some common factors. When you want to use wood that lasts, you look for … Read more

Birch vs Cedar Wood Compared

Birch vs cedar wood texture background

When you are looking for suitable wood for your woodworking projects, birch and cedar are two types of wood that are popular and commonly used throughout the United States. It is good to know about these two kinds of wood and how to use them. Birch is a hardwood and is readily available all over … Read more

Birch vs Cherry Woods Compared

As a woodworker, you will always be on the lookout for the best wood for your woodworking projects. While it is impossible to know everything about all woods, you can increase your knowledge by learning about many of them. Birch, sometimes alluded to as “poor man’s cherry” resembles cherry in several ways. You may find … Read more

Maple vs Pine Woods Compared

maple vs pine wood texture cover

Maple and pine are totally different kinds of trees so the wood that we get from them is also different. The primary difference between these two types of wood is that maple is hardwood and pine is softwood. Although maple and pine are two different types of wood, they share a few similarities. The main … Read more