Best Types of Wood for Furniture

vintage solid wood furniture detail

As a woodworker, you probably have made some furniture using different types of wood. But which is the best wood for furniture? The answer to this question is not easy. It can depend on your budget and where you intend to use it. The process that you use to create different pieces of furniture is … Read more

How to Prevent Wood Rot

In its natural form, the decomposition of wood is a normal process, which converts fallen foliage, branches, and logs into nutrition for the soil. We call this occurrence wood rot, and once rotted, wood becomes unusable. When wood rot occurs in processed wood as in furniture and homes, it creates a problem. Wood rot can … Read more

Neem Wood Complete Guide & FAQs

One of the hardiest trees but not very well-known in the western world is the neem tree. Native to the Indian Subcontinent it can also be found in Africa, the Caribbean and parts of South and Central America today. Neem (Azadirachta indica) also goes by the names nim and margosa. This wood is related to … Read more

How to Dry Wood Fast for Woodworking

cylindrical logs for log home stack

It’s always the woodworker’s conundrum to procure wood that is dry enough to work with. A freshly-cut tree can show a moisture level of 80% or above. It is too high a moisture level to work comfortably with. Another issue is the possibility of the wood getting deformed as it dries at a later stage. … Read more

Interior Vs. Exterior Plywood (Pros & Cons)

background plywood the wooden light

What Is Plywood? Plywood comes in the form of boards of different thicknesses. It consists of several thin layers of wood veneer bonded with an adhesive. The thickness of the plywood varies in line with the number of layers that make it up. The direction of the wood grain of successive veneer layers lies at … Read more

Rosewood Vs. Ebony (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)

rosewood vs ebony wood

Rosewood is an exotic variety of wood that comes from the Tipuana, Pterocarpus, and Dalbergia genera of trees. It is a hardwood characterized by its aroma that resembles that of roses. It has a dark brown to reddish coloration and we consider it as one of the stronger and more durable varieties of hardwood. Ebony … Read more

What is Interior Plywood?

Baltic- Birch- Plywood

Plywood is an engineered wood that we make by bonding layers of wood veneer with glue to form boards of different thicknesses. It consists of softwood and hardwood. Some hardwoods that go to make plywood are oak, mahogany, and ash. Birch is another primary wood that we use to manufacture plywood, particularly Baltic birch with … Read more

What is Baltic Birch Plywood?

stack of plywood

When you hear so much about Baltic birch plywood, you may wonder why there is so much hype about it. Woodworkers prefer this variety of plywood to use in their projects because it is a durable and smart-looking choice of wood. It is easy to work with, and you get the cleanest joints with this … Read more

Best Wood for Bookshelves

No matter where they are placed, bookshelves play an important role in interior decor in a living room bedroom or an office. As a woodworker, you would have had numerous occasions where you had to make bookshelves. Building bookshelves is one of the easiest things to do, but you have to keep certain factors in … Read more

What is Luan Plywood?

3d render of a modern Wavy Chair

Luan plywood, also known as Lauan plywood, comes from the Lauan tree, a type of shorea that also goes by the name of Philippine mahogany or Meranti. You will find these trees growing on the South pacific rim. Luan plywood enjoys wide popularity in the United States. It is one of the softer varieties of … Read more