Redwood vs Douglas Fir Wood – Lumber Compared

Two prevalent types of wood are redwood and Douglas fir due to their easy workability and high durability. Both types of wood come under the class of trees called conifers, thus called because they bear “cones” as seeds. Conifers grow as trees, but some come in the form of shrubs. Other species of conifers include … Read more

Best Wood For Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carvings are a great form of art that everyone appreciates. As a woodworker, if you have some experience and talent in wood carving, you could give chainsaw carving a shot. The chainsaw carver uses modified chainsaws for carving and whittling down a tree trunk or stump into shapes of animals and other objects. The … Read more

Teak vs Acacia Wood Difference – Pros & Cons

Continuing our series of different wood comparisons, the topic that we discuss today is teak vs acacia. The quality of your woodworking projects largely depends on the type of wood you use. However, sometimes the type of wood depends on the nature of your project. The wood you require may be cheap or expensive. You … Read more

Teak vs Cedar Woods Compared – Differences – Pros & Cons

As a woodworker, an important consideration that you will have to make is selecting different types of wood. Whether you an amateur weekend woodworker or a professional who works with wood as a source of income, you need to understand the pros and cons of various species of wood. Each type of wood has its … Read more

Rattan, Cane & Wicker Furniture

Rattan, Cane, And Wicker: What Is The Difference? Wicker, cane, and rattan are three terms that tend to confuse us. While you can get a lot of information on the subject, here is a simple explanation to better understand these three terms. Wicker is a style of making woven furniture. Rattan and cane are the … Read more

Is Poplar a Good Wood for Making Furniture?

Poplar is one of the most standard hardwoods that you can find across the United States of America and Canada. It grows in the eastern United States and enjoys the position among the top ten kinds of wood in the country. One of the reasons this wood is so popular is the wide color variation … Read more

8 Best Wood for Carving Signs

Carved signs play a prominent role in the world of sign-making. They have the edge over painted or printed signs because they are more appealing to the eye. If you have a flair for woodcarving, you would do well to make a foray into this specialized but rewarding area of woodworking. You can create carved … Read more

Best Wood for Carving Bowls

Every home has some form or the other of wooden cookware. Using wooden carved items to cook and serve wood ushers in a unique type of experience. The finish you apply to a wooden bowl is an important consideration. You can learn more about food-safe wood finishes in another informative post of ours. You can … Read more

Is Cedar Good for Carving?

If wood carving is your area of interest in woodworking, you will come across all wood types. Although we can use almost any kind of wood for carving, some serve better than others. You need to consider several factors depending on the particular type of wood that you want to use for carving. In this … Read more

Why Is Teak So Expensive?

Teak wood (Tectona grandis) is native to Myanmar (formerly Burma). We call the original teak “Burma teak” even today, and it primarily comes from that country. In the present day, we get teak wood from many other south-east Asian countries. Indonesia is another country that has taken the teak industry to the next level. Teak … Read more