Best Wood for Children’s Toys

Children's room in a modern style

When we think of children’s toys, mostly plastic toys come to mind. Over the years, toymakers made extensive use of plastic because it is such a versatile and cost-effective material. In the last couple of decades, plastic has come under the scanner for all the wrong reasons. It sometimes contains toxic chemicals, and some grades … Read more

7 Most Rot Resistant Woods

There is nothing like natural wood to make outdoor spaces look vibrant and fresh. Wood looks particularly good on gazebos, garden furniture, and bridges. Alas! Wood also attracts fungi and insects, causing it to rot. If you want your outdoor wood to resist insects, weather, and fungi, then you need to treat it with certain … Read more

Teak vs. Mahogany (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)

In the woodworking field, teak and mahogany are two of the most sought-after types of wood available. You will find teak and mahogany furniture throughout the United States and even across the world. Any home or office that has teak or mahogany will look great, thanks to the subtle textures, shades, and grain patterns of … Read more

Sheesham vs. Mango (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)

Wood is an all-time favorite for adorning homes and offices. As a woodworker, you will find no shortage of projects available. The endless varieties of wood make it essential to understand more about the various types that we can get. Wooden furniture adds class to your home, and you can customize it as required. As … Read more

Teak vs. Sheesham (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)

Two prevalent types of wood that you may come across frequently are teak and sheesham. Although teak is a much-preferred type of wood, it is on the endangered species list, making sheesham a popular alternative. Both types of wood have their unique advantages and disadvantages, and you need to know more about the characteristics of … Read more

Wood Similar to Maple

With a hardness of 1,400-1,500 (Janka scale), you will find maple to be incredibly strong. This wood is aesthetically good looking and furniture makers and woodworkers prefer it over many other types of wood. Maple has a smooth grain pattern and has a light, creamy coloration. It is one of the more durable types of … Read more

Plywood Floors Pros and Cons

We make plywood by combining multiple layers of wood veneer and gluing these layers to form boards. You get plywood in different grades and thicknesses, so you can make a suitable choice for your purposes. If you use plywood for flooring, you will find that it costs relatively less than if you were to use … Read more

Teak Wood vs. Oak (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)

As a woodworker, you would be naturally curious to know about as many different types of wood as possible. Wood is such a fascinating and exhaustive topic that it goes on endlessly. There are so many different kinds of wood, and no single type is identical to the other. It gives us a wide variety … Read more

Teak vs. Maple (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)

In this post, we compare two types of wood that are intrinsically different from one another, yet equally popular in woodworking circles. While teak is more exotic and often used in Asian furniture and smaller projects like cutting boards, Maple is readily available in North America and relatively affordable wood. Below we’ll give more information … Read more

Best Types Of Wood for Packaging (Shipping Crates)

One of the most extensive uses of wood is for use in packaging materials. Shipping fragile, bulky, or even heavy goods need robust boxes and what better material to use than wood? Whatever you need to ship, heavy, light, fragile or bulky, wood is the most versatile material to make boxes and crates. But then, … Read more