5 Best Types of Wood for Shelves (Top Wood Species by Project)

The important thing about making wood shelves is knowing what you are going to do with them. You can focus more on aesthetics if the shelves hold small, light objects. However, shelves that are going to support heavy objects like books or home appliances need to be constructed well with strong and durable wood. Another … Read more

Best Ways To Preserve & Maintain Outdoor Wooden Furniture 

Wooden table and chairs

You may have outdoor space like a backyard or garden where you have a deck or patio. If so, you are likely to have some outdoor furniture ranged around. We get outdoor furniture made of different materials like steel, plastic, and wood. If you have outdoor furniture made of wood, you need to take certain … Read more

Melamine vs MDF (Pros & Cons) – Comparing Materials

MDF-Melaninharz 2009

Melamine and MDF are both widely used in furniture and cabinetry construction. Melamine is known for its durability, easy maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and variety of finishes, but it has limited structural strength, is prone to chipping and peeling, is difficult to repair, and is less eco-friendly. MDF (Medium-density Fiberboard) on the other hand, offers better structural … Read more

Melamine vs Plywood – Pros & Cons (Materials Compared)

Whether you engage in woodworking as a hobby or profession, you will encounter different materials other than wood. Knowing how to work with non-wood materials will give you an added advantage in your chosen skill. We are all familiar with plywood. However, another material that appears frequently is melamine. Although you may be familiar with … Read more

Plywood vs MDF vs Particle Board vs OSB – Pros & Cons

A woodworker expects to work with wood. That is an indisputable fact. However, how do we define wood? In a broader sense, we call wood in the form of raw material timber or lumber. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines timber as: “wood suitable for building or for carpentry.” The wood described here usually is solid wood … Read more

8 Types of Veneer Substrates – Woodworking Materials Guides

Any woodworker is likely to work a lot with wood veneers, especially those who work on wooden furniture. A veneer is a thin slice of fine, expensive wood that we typically apply to cheaper wood. The purpose of using veneer is that we get the finish of expensive wood at a fraction of the cost. … Read more

Different Types of Wood Veneer

A veneer is a thinly-sliced wood that is fixed to wooden surfaces to give them the appearance of solid wood. A veneer is very thin, usually with a thickness of less than an eighth of an inch. The veneer is bonded to a substrate also usually made from an affordable type of wood giving it … Read more