Types of Ebony Wood

Texture of ebony (high-detailed wood texture series)

Ebony (Diospyros crassiflora) also goes by the name zebrawood. It is the most exotic, expensive, and rarest type of wood in the world. Ebony has been coveted by people for centuries, especially in the last 500 years. In this post, we study this precious wood in the world of woodworking and why it is so … Read more

Ebony Alternatives

Wood sample Macassar ebony

It takes anywhere between 60 and 200 years for an ebony tree to be ready for harvesting. Then, only one in ten trees meet the requirements of the “black core” that ebony is so well-known for and to make musical instruments. The rest of the trees are left to rot. Such is the sad story … Read more

Bubinga Wood Alternatives

Furniture from the Bloemenwerf House, Henry van de Velde, 1895, bubinga wood

Humankind has exploited Mother Earth to such an extent that the damage caused has almost reached an irreversible stage. One of the major offenses in the exploitation of the earth over the years has been deforestation. Not only was the environment destroyed, but trees were ruthlessly ripped out with no intention of replacing them. Today … Read more

Best Wood for Table Legs

Bouquet of artificial poppies in a vase on the round table

If you have to choose wood for table legs, the primary consideration is strength. However, several other factors come into play, like workability, durability, and aesthetics. Although a particular wood may be extremely hard, it may be difficult to cut due to its high tensile strength. So, we need to choose our wood carefully. When … Read more

Best Wood for Window Frames

New Windows

Whether you work on a replacement job or install completely new windows, wooden frames offer a durable solution with a material that looks good as well. There are many different types of wood in the market that you can use to make window frames. However, it can get quite confusing. In this post, we discuss … Read more

What kind of wood are butcher blocks made of?

Traditionally, a butcher block is a block of wood upon which we chop meat as in a butcher’s shop. Today, the term extends to countertops, and we call these surfaces “butcher block countertops.” In this post, we cover the various aspects of butcher block countertops, the wood that we use to make them, and what … Read more

Best Wood for Rabbit Hutches

Bunny rabbit lying on summer grass

For people who keep rabbits at home, one of their biggest concerns is how to go about making a rabbit hutch for their bunnies. Although rabbit hutches come in various materials, the wooden variety is by far the most popular. In this post, we get into the intricacies of wooden rabbit hutches, and we feature … Read more

Best Wood for Outdoor Benches

Lush green garden with stone landscaping and bench

Whether you want to make a new outdoor wooden bench or recondition an old one, you need to use suitable wood. We usually make outdoor benches from pressure-treated cedar or pine. However, these are softwoods and need annual maintenance. You can find many other suitable types of wood to use as well. If you want … Read more

Best Wood For Exterior Shutters

Old styled European window with shutters, flower box and mail box

Exterior shutters are wooden structures that protect our home from weather and keeps it secure from theft. The material we use is extremely critical, and we usually use robust, straight-grained wood that has considerable resistance to the weather. We discuss the best wood for outdoor furniture in another post where we touch upon similar characteristics … Read more

Teak vs. Cherry Wood – Pros & Cons

teak wood vs cherry wood

If you are looking for some of the classiest wooden interior furnishings, you would do well to choose either teak or cherry wood. Both of these hardwoods are among the hardest and strongest that you can get. Looks-wise, they both have attractive colors and fine grain patterns. Teak and Cherry are both prized woods for … Read more