7 Types of Wood Stain

The final stage of woodwork is to apply a finish. We often use “stain” as a finish to the surface of wood. Wood stain comprises pigments that we may dissolve or suspend in a “vehicle” which would typically be a solvent like water or alcohol. We use pigments and dyes to add color to stains. … Read more

Varnish vs Stain – Wood Finish Comparison

Wood is an immensely-used and widely popular material for various applications. We find wooden items all over our homes. In cold regions, you will find wood that makes up the flooring. You can also see complete buildings made of wood. Then, wood plays a prominent role in furniture and outdoor accessories like decks, railings, and … Read more

How do you use French polish?

A Comprehensive Guide to French Polish In woodworking, building anything made out of wood is only a part of the job. After making something out of wood, we need to apply a finish to its surface. It is not enough to only smoothen the surface by using a planer, file, or sandpaper. We usually apply … Read more

Danish Oil vs Polyurethane (Pros & Cons of Each)

When we talk about different types of wood finish, two types get mentioned regularly, and they are Danish oil and polyurethane varnish. The first one is a natural extract mixed with some additives, both natural and artificial. Polyurethane varnish is a synthetic product but may contain some natural additives as well. Today, both these finishes … Read more

Danish Oil vs Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO)

Items made of wood are and will always be appealing. There is something about the way the grain patterns and the color of the wood that makes it very attractive. We call the last stage of creating any woodworking item as applying a “finish.” You can read more about how to use different types of … Read more

Shellac vs Polyurethane – Wood Finish Comparison

One of the essential stages of woodworking is applying a finish to the wood. Even the most skillfully-executed woodworking project will appear incomplete if it doesn’t have a proper finish. By “finish,” we refer to applying a coating to the surface of the wood to enhance its appearance and add a protective layer to it. … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Shellac Flakes (FAQs)

Shellac, a resin that occurs naturally, finds several uses, not only in woodworking but also in other areas. In woodworking, you can find shellac in liquid as well as solid form. A popular way to procure shellac is in the form of shellac flakes, making it convenient to carry and use. Shellac plays a prominent … Read more

6 Best Wood Finishes For Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to wooden furniture, we look for something that appears smart but also offers durability. But, with outdoor furniture, we need to take care of certain other aspects as well. Although the choice of wood plays a critical role in outdoor furniture, there are several other factors that you need to consider as … Read more