The Best Way to Stain Wood

wood staining

A wood stain is a coating that serves the dual purpose of enhancing the looks of wood and offering a certain degree of protection. Whether you are an amateur or professional woodworker, you can save a lot of money by staining wood yourself. Wood staining requires a bit of skill, knowledge, and experience. If done … Read more

Types of Finishing Oil for Wood

We usually don’t leave wood on its own after making woodworking items and wooden structures. We apply a wood “finish” which means applying a coating to protect the wood from environmental damage. If we do not apply a proper finish, cracks may develop in the wood and it could swell on drying and deteriorate. Types … Read more

Stain Plywood to Look Like Hardwood

Industrial Plywood background.

Plywood has many advantages for use in woodworking projects, cabinetry, and as a building material. It is easy to cut and shape and extremely tough thanks to the multiple layers of glued veneer. Depending on how the material was processed, you get water-resistant, fire-resistant, and termite-resistant plywood. However, a significant drawback of using plywood is … Read more

Timber Oil vs. Wood Stain


Choosing a color for timber is something critical and once you have applied the color, you cannot change it easily. Two commonly used finishes to wood are timber oil and stain. Both of these finishes are semi-transparent which means that the character of the timber within can come through. The final look depends on the … Read more

Spar Marine Varnish vs. Spar Urethane

If you have a boat or canoe, your watercraft and paddle or oars will be exposed to the elements and can deteriorate. To protect them and maintain them in good condition, you need to apply a coating of some sort. But what layer to apply? You need a coating that protects wood. Such a coating … Read more

Teak Oil vs. Teak Sealer

Water on Teak

Teak is a tropical hardwood. You will find it growing in countries of the Indian subcontinent, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. Woodworkers prefer this wood because of its unique characteristics. It is extremely strong and durable. Teak owes its durability to the presence of natural oils that it produces, which protect the wood from the elements, … Read more

Polyurethane vs Spar Urethane

Polyurethane Vs. Spar Urethane

When you are into woodworking, you will find many different types of wood finishes that we apply to wood. Different situations call for other finishes. As a woodworker, you should know what kind of finish you need to apply to a specific type of wood and in what scenario. The choice of wood finish depends … Read more

What is Timber Oil?

Upon completing any wooden project or structure, we usually need a finish to enhance the look of the wood and add protection. We call the process of applying the final layer to the wood a finish. There are different types of wood finish that you can get, and one of the most popular forms is … Read more

What is Teak Oil?

If you want to apply a finish to bare or stained wood, a good option is to use oil. It accentuates the natural beauty of the wood. It also offers protection from the elements especially if you are going to leave it outdoors. The advantage of applying oil is that it is easy enough for … Read more

Can You Stain Over Paint?

wood staining

I have a piece of painted wood but want to darken and protect it…Do I really need to strip off the paint first or can you apply stain over painted wood? Yes, you can stain directly over painted wood. Applying stain over paint is an easy and practical way to protect wood without the hassle … Read more