10 Types Of Woodworking Machines-Woodworking Tools Guide

types of woodworking machines

Although there are many types of hand tools that we use while woodworking, no job would be possible to complete without using at least one woodworking machine.  There are various types of woodworking machines available in the market to help us with our work.  These woodworking machines fall under two categories, handheld power tools, and … Read more

11 Types Of Woodworking Planes – Carpentry & Woodworking Tools Guide

wood working plane

Like most basic woodworking tools, hand planes trace their history back to ancient times. Versions of planes with a wooden body were discovered in Roman excavations. A rudimentary form of a hand plane is believed to have been used by the ancient Egyptians. However, since the early days, the fundamental design of the plane hasn’t … Read more

8 Types Of Woodworking Vises- Carpentry & Woodworking Tools Guide

woodworking vices

Whether you engage in woodworking activities as a professional or an amateur, specific tools are essential. One of the most critical tools in woodworking is the woodworking vise. A woodworking vise typically attaches itself to a fixed point like a workbench. Because they can harm the wood being worked, the jaws are usually wood or … Read more

11 Types Of Woodworking Joints- Woodworking & Carpentry Tools Guide

Knowing how to join different pieces of wood together is an essential part of woodworking. It is quite a specific part of carpentry. The art of joining wood has a particular term – joinery. The person who specializes in joining wood is a joiner. Although joiners exist for working on other materials as well, wood … Read more

8 Types Of Woodworking Rasps -Woodworking Tools Guide

types of woodworking rasps

When you are working with wood, you need to get set up with at least the basic tools.  To begin with, you need to have a workshop or at least a dedicated space where you can work, uninterrupted. Once you have a place to work, the next step is to create your setup. A good … Read more