8 Ways To Use a Drill Press

Metalwork tool - Side view Red new drill press

Out of all the woodworking shop equipment, a drill press is probably the handiest. But as helpful as it is, we could conclude that a drill press could be the most underutilized item on your shop floor. There are so many amazing things you can do with a drill press, given the right accessories and … Read more

Best Birdhouse Paint Colors That Attract Birds

Colorful collection of birdhouses lined-up on a porch railing.

Watching the activities of birds in your garden or backyard is a satisfying experience. Once you’ve selected the best wood for your birdhouse, you may want to paint it to attract nesting birds. But is it safe to paint birdhouses? How will a bird react to a painted birdhouse? Is it safe for them? These … Read more

Best Wood for Children’s Toys

Children's room in a modern style

When we think of children’s toys, mostly plastic toys come to mind. Over the years, toymakers made extensive use of plastic because it is such a versatile and cost-effective material. In the last couple of decades, plastic has come under the scanner for all the wrong reasons. It sometimes contains toxic chemicals, and some grades … Read more

Best Wood for a Chicken Coop

As a woodworker, you may come across several different projects. A popular project that is simple but satisfying to execute is making a chicken coop. Although the project is not a complex one, you still have to make specific considerations, keeping in mind that livestock will live in the structure that you create. One crucial … Read more

Rattan, Cane & Wicker Furniture

Rattan, Cane, And Wicker: What Is The Difference? Wicker, cane, and rattan are three terms that tend to confuse us. While you can get a lot of information on the subject, here is a simple explanation to better understand these three terms. Wicker is a style of making woven furniture. Rattan and cane are the … Read more

10 Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

Keeping kids occupied is a continuous challenge. They have a natural curiosity from ages three or four, and they enjoy challenges and creating things. Getting kids involved in woodworking at an early age is a great way to keep them occupied and teach them a skill that will remain lifelong. Unlike adult woodworking projects, you … Read more

Best Wood to Make Raised Garden Beds (5 Good Types of Wood)

Raised garden beds are frames that come in a variety of materials, wood being the most commonly used one. Raised garden beds for a vegetable or flower garden, helps plants thrive. They take care of poor soil, sloping terrain, and many other issues. A raised garden bed is a rectangular wooden frame that you fill … Read more

6 Best Types of Wood For Making a Picnic Table

Everyone loves picnic tables and the camaraderie that they bring as friends and family gather around them outdoors. We tend to think of a picnic table as a rough version of a dining room table. However, there is much more to a picnic table than meets the eye. Cedar, Oak and Redwood are some of … Read more

Woodworking projects to make money

Woodworking projects to make money

Creating something that is of value to another human being is what it is all about. What purpose does the piece, a woodworking creation, a functional piece of art, serve in a person’s life. Would someone appreciate a wooden desk, table or stand of some kind? Would they appreciate something that interfaces with technology such … Read more

Woodworking Ideas

Woodworking Ideas

There are many different types of woodworking projects we can build.  These include the functional or utilitarian, such as furniture or tools.  The wide range of woodworking ideas also includes works of art, which are aesthetically pleasing items, that primarily exist for viewing pleasure and impart joy or pleasure in their use, but do not … Read more