8 Ways To Use a Drill Press

Metalwork tool - Side view Red new drill press

Out of all the woodworking shop equipment, a drill press is probably the handiest. But as helpful as it is, we could conclude that a drill press could be the most underutilized item on your shop floor. There are so many amazing things you can do with a drill press, given the right accessories and … Read more

Best Birdhouse Paint Colors That Attract Birds

Colorful collection of birdhouses lined-up on a porch railing.

Watching the activities of birds in your garden or backyard is a satisfying experience. Once you’ve selected the best wood for your birdhouse, you may want to paint it to attract nesting birds. But is it safe to paint birdhouses? How will a bird react to a painted birdhouse? Is it safe for them? These … Read more

Best Wood for Children’s Toys

Children's room in a modern style

When we think of children’s toys, mostly plastic toys come to mind. Over the years, toymakers made extensive use of plastic because it is such a versatile and cost-effective material. In the last couple of decades, plastic has come under the scanner for all the wrong reasons. It sometimes contains toxic chemicals, and some grades … Read more

Best Wood for a Chicken Coop

As a woodworker, you may come across several different projects. A popular project that is simple but satisfying to execute is making a chicken coop. Although the project is not a complex one, you still have to make specific considerations, keeping in mind that livestock will live in the structure that you create. One crucial … Read more

Rattan, Cane & Wicker Furniture

Rattan, Cane, And Wicker: What Is The Difference? Wicker, cane, and rattan are three terms that tend to confuse us. While you can get a lot of information on the subject, here is a simple explanation to better understand these three terms. Wicker is a style of making woven furniture. Rattan and cane are the … Read more

10 Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

Keeping kids occupied is a continuous challenge. They have a natural curiosity from ages three or four, and they enjoy challenges and creating things. Getting kids involved in woodworking at an early age is a great way to keep them occupied and teach them a skill that will remain lifelong. Unlike adult woodworking projects, you … Read more

Best Wood to Make Raised Garden Beds (5 Good Types of Wood)

Raised garden beds are frames that come in a variety of materials, wood being the most commonly used one. Raised garden beds for a vegetable or flower garden, helps plants thrive. They take care of poor soil, sloping terrain, and many other issues. A raised garden bed is a rectangular wooden frame that you fill … Read more

6 Best Types of Wood For Making a Picnic Table

Everyone loves picnic tables and the camaraderie that they bring as friends and family gather around them outdoors. We tend to think of a picnic table as a rough version of a dining room table. However, there is much more to a picnic table than meets the eye. Cedar, Oak and Redwood are some of … Read more