Ripping vs Crosscutting Explained

Plank of wood being cut with circular saw in workshop

In the course of woodworking, you will cut wood in two main directions, along the length, and across the length. The general rule that along the length is ripping and to length is to crosscut a board. There is much discussion on these two directions of cutting wood when using each type, the blades used … Read more

Does Wood Glue Work on Plastic?

Male carpenter hands using wood glue

Glue is a non-metallic substance spread on one or both surfaces of two separate materials to stick them together. Glues are more advantageous over other binding techniques such as sewing, welding, or mechanical fastenings. Some glues are natural, while others are synthetic. There are different types of glues to choose from when working with plastic and … Read more

Does Wood Change Color Over Time?

A wooden dining table and four wooden chairs on a white background

Hardwoods have the characteristic of changing color as they undergo the natural aging process. This color change occurs due to exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun and oxidation. Lighter wood becomes darker and darker wood becomes light. Does wood change color over time? Yes, wood changes color with exposure to light and … Read more

Does Wood Contract or Expand in the Cold?

Olive tree wood texture from a wooden table

When we think about expansion and contraction in materials, we normally think of temperature changes. But with wood, the primary cause of expansion and contraction is moisture. Wood always contains moisture content. Although it dries over time, the tubular cells, cavities, and fibers will always contain some moisture. Does wood contract or expand in the … Read more

Does Wood Glue Go Bad or Expire?

Super Glue In Package Advertising Poster Vector

Every woodworker handles wood glue daily as it is an essential aspect of the job.  You tend to store various types of wood glue in your woodworking workshop. As you use only a small quantity for each use, you may wonder how long you can keep wood glue before it expires. Does wood glue go … Read more

Does Wood Glue Work on Painted Wood?

Painting on wall 3d render

Wood glue is probably the most-used product in the world of woodworking. And, every woodworking shop is likely to have many different types and brands of wood glue in assorted containers across the shop floor. We use it for sticking wood in various stages of construction, and sometimes you may need to use it on … Read more

Does Wood Glue Work on MDF?

Applying wood glue, carpenter gluing wooden parts for furniture,

Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF) is an extremely easy wood to work with. You can mill it easily. It cuts well, you can comfortably drill holes into it, and even paint over it. But a common question that is asked is whether wood glue works on MDF. Does wood glue work on MDF? Yes, it does, but … Read more

Does Wood Glue Work on Cardboard?

Cardboard is the term given to heavy paper-based products. It has many uses. Some of them are for packing cosmetics, cereals, food products, making projects, DIY (Do it yourself) art, and craft. Wood glues are the best glues to stick cardboard together. There are many types of wood glues available in the market. Wood glue … Read more

Does Wood Glue Work on Metal?

Set of isolated glue tubes or sticks, superglue

Sometimes we use wood glue to bond other materials. In some cases, it works but in others, it doesn’t. Wood glue is a versatile product that we use on various materials like cardboard, paper, leather, and plastic. An often-asked question is whether we can use wood glue on metal. Does wood glue work on metal? … Read more

Does Wood Conduct Electricity?

landscape with wood in the field

Although wood conducts electricity, it is not a good conductor. However, high voltage might pass through wood under certain conditions, especially if it is damp. But for all practical purposes, we consider wood as an insulator. Does wood conduct electricity? The answer to this question is yes, and no, but we normally consider wood as … Read more