A Brief History of Woodworking

Senior man doing woodworking

Wood is a material that holds a fascination for many people. Woodworkers are a respected community of people in society. Woodworking has always been around since ancient times. The history of woodworking is something that holds an attraction to everyone. Wood is a material that has passed through many eras since ancient times. Woodworking has … Read more

Walnut vs Birch Woods Compared

The process of woodworking involves dealing with different types of wood. As a woodworker, it is always desirable to know about various woods, how to identify them, and use them. Two commonly used types of wood in the United States are walnut and birch. Walnut and birch are both hardwoods that have gained popularity over … Read more

Best Wood Finishes for Children’s Toys


With small children at home, you need to be on your guard about their safety round the clock. Accidents will happen even at the best of times. Small children tend to put everything into their mouths. Like in our post that features the best wood for children’s toys, we also need to consider the type … Read more

Sapwood vs Heartwood

Wooden texture from cut tree trunk of maple tree, closeup. Cross section of a tree trunk. Top view

An important aspect to consider in woodworking is the two primary components of a tree trunk, the sapwood and the heartwood. The sapwood is the outer region of the tree trunk, it is usually lighter in color and softer. On the other hand, the heartwood is the central part of the tree trunk, which is … Read more

Is Reclaimed Wood Cheaper?

Scrap wood and lumber cuttings for firewood

We call wood deemed for demolishing as part of old buildings or even wood from old condemned furniture reclaimed wood. There are several advantages of reclaimed wood and some downsides as well. A much-debated question is the price of reclaimed wood. Is reclaimed wood cheaper? You may ask. Many factors determine the final price of … Read more

Japanese vs Western Woodworking – Differences Compared

Woodworking and carpentry tools in workshop.

Of all the different countries which have various styles of woodworking, Japanese woodworking is one of the most unique styles. It is set apart from the western style of woodworking. You can learn a lot from the Japanese style of woodworking. It is an ancient form of woodworking passed down from generation to generation. Japanese … Read more

Understanding Janka Hardness

landscape with wood in the field

When dealing with any type of material one of the major concerns is the hardness of the material. The hardness determines how you need to deal with it in terms of cutting, shaping, and sizing. It also determines the durability of the material. You get an idea of how long it is likely to last. … Read more

What Is Spalting?

Spalted Maple Wood

Spalting is a phenomenon that occurs in wood which is not always predictable. It occurs when a fungus infects wood and causes partial rotting of the wood. Spalted wood is a high-value variety of wood but you also have to have to keep in mind that it compromises the mechanical strength of the wood. Spalting … Read more

Complete Guide to Acacia Wood

Cross section of a felled acacia tree — Photo

Acacia is a versatile wood that has numerous woodworking applications. It is widely available and cheap. Although it may not have the best looks, it is extremely durable and makes good furniture and flooring. Acacia is one of the oldest tree species in the world with over 1,200 species. Although it is believed to originally … Read more

Famous Woodworkers

A man dressed in traditional costume is working as a carpenter in his workshop

Working with wood always holds a certain degree of fascination. Wood is an interesting material and it requires special skills to work on it. Woodworking is as popular today as it was in ancient times. It has a long history and along with that long history comes names of certain famous woodworkers who made a … Read more