Best Wood for Axe Handles

two axes

An ax serves dual purposes as a tool and a weapon. Today, some of the more cruel-looking axes occupy a prominent place in museums. The more moderately designed axes evolved into the form of practical tools. While axes are most commonly associated with chopping and splitting wood, there are times when we also use them … Read more

How tight should wood clamps be?

C- Clamp in white background

When we use clamps while woodworking, one of the prime questions that arise is regarding the required tightness of a clamp. The basic answer to that question is that a clamp doesn’t need tremendous pressure. If it is to hold glued joints together, then it needs enough pressure to hold the two surfaces together until … Read more

Is Woodworking an Art, Craft or Trade?


To the layperson, woodworking consists of cutting boards and planks and assembling them into something useful. Others on the other hand may consider it as a medium of expression and creativity. When we look at these two aspects of woodworking, you may wonder under what category does it fall? An art? A Craft? A trade? … Read more

Will Teak Oil Darken Wood?

wooden decking

Teak oil is not an oil extracted from the teak tree or the wood. Although teak wood contains a high degree of natural oil, it remains within the wood for most of its life. Teak oil is a mixture of different oils and solvents. We commonly apply it to teak wood, which is why people … Read more

Can You Use Metal Drill Bits for Wood?

Tapping automotive part by cnc machining center

A power drill is one of the most indispensable tools of a woodworker. But you need drill bits for a power drill to be of any use to you. You get a wide variety of drill bits and attachments for a power drill. Yet, the two commonest types are metal and wood drill bits. As … Read more

How do I stop my nails from splitting wood?

Old rust hammer and nails on wood board

When you get trained as a woodworker, there are many best practices that they may not teach you. Specific processes and procedures, you will learn through experience. One of the most annoying occurrences in woodworking is when your wood unexpectedly splits. Wood may split due to a variety of reasons. One of the primary causes … Read more

Can You Cut Wet Wood With a Miter Saw?

water drop on a wooden background

Handling wet wood is always a tricky situation. When we call wood “wet” it doesn’t mean that only the surface of the wood is wet. In this post, we refer to wet wood as wood that has not had a chance to fully dry after harvesting the timber from the tree. Whether the intended purpose … Read more

Rosewood vs. Mango Wood (Comparing Wood – Pros & Cons)


As a woodworker, certain wood types may come to your notice with characteristics that make an interesting study. Two such varieties of wood are rosewood and mango wood. Both are extremely hard and durable woods. The reason why we highlight these here is that they both have a distinct aroma, albeit different from each other. … Read more

Stain vs. Paint (Pros & Cons)

a wooden surface half coated with protective varnish for wood, d

A time may come when you want to restore some of the wooden items outside your home like your yard or pathways. It may be decking, fences, or outdoor furniture. The question that arises here is as to what type of finish that you would like to use, and how suitable those finishes are to … Read more

What is Marine Plywood?

set of plywood, industrial illustration

Plywood comes under the category of engineered wood. We make plywood by gluing thin layers of wood veneer together to form boards of varying thicknesses. The grains of the successive layers of wood veneer are at 90° to each other. The combination of the glue and wood grain orientation gives plywood its tremendous strength. Plywood … Read more