Oak vs Cedar – Woods Compared

oak-wood vs cedar wood texture design

When looking for suitable wood for various purposes, two kinds of wood that come to mind are oak and cedar. Oak is a warm, hard, and strong wood. Cedar is also strong, among the harder softwoods, and they both exude a pleasant aroma. Oak and cedar are both popular woods for construction, furniture, and a … Read more

Complete Guide to Parawood

Para rubber tree garden in south of Thailand

Parawood (Hevea brasiliensis) is a wood species that we also call plantation hardwood, para rubber tree, Malaysian oak, and white teak. It grows in Indonesia, India, and Central America. Parawood, also commonly called rubberwood, is a versatile and good-looking type of wood. It closely resembles mahogany but is far more sustainable, as producing its lumber … Read more

Sheesham Wood – Complete Guide

Sheesham tree leaves cover

Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo) is a hardwood that grows in the sub-Himalayan regions of India and other surrounding areas. We also call it Indian rosewood, penny leaf tree, Himalayan raintree and sissoo. Sheesham wood is a versatile and durable wood with good looks to match. It shares many characteristics with teak, making it a suitable alternative … Read more

American Black Walnut vs Peruvian Walnut

The eastern American Black Walnut

Walnut wood is one of the most exotic woods that you can find. It enjoys wide popularity for making furniture and flooring. A hardwood floor is as unique as the wood that makes it. Walnut is the preferred choice for hardwood floors. Two of the most popular types of walnut are American black walnut and … Read more

Types of Oak Wood

Master bedroom in suburban home with oak wood furniture

Oak is extremely popular for furniture and flooring in the U.S. and several countries worldwide. It is a favorite among traditional artisans and woodworkers, especially with the Amish, who are famous for making classic furniture. Many different types of oak grow in different parts of the United States and across the world. Here, we look … Read more

Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoors?

Gidgee trees

Acacia is a huge genus containing several hundred species, spread over several countries and continents. It is also a very diverse form of wood that ranges from moderately to extremely hard. It proved next to impossible to accurately classify acacia due to its diverse variety that we find spread across the world. But acacia is … Read more

Types of Engineered Wood

modern wooden furniture factory

Engineered wood is an artificially produced material. It has many other names like mass timber, composite wood, artificial wood, and manufactured board. We use a variety of derivatives like wood fibers, particles, strands, resins, and derivatives. Engineered wood serves as an excellent environmental-friendly alternative to natural wood. The advantage of engineered wood is that we … Read more

Types of Plywood

Different sizes of plywood cover

Plywood is an artificially-made product made from wood and comes under the category of engineered wood. The manufacturing process of plywood consists of sticking three or more boards together to create a board of uniform thickness. Plywood consists of layers of wood veneer bonded together with a resin to form boards that we use for … Read more

What is MDF Board?

Details carpenter for furniture, MDF close-up of the background

Medium-Density fiberboard (MDF) is one of the most versatile types of engineered wood that you can get on the market today. In any home, office, or commercial establishment, you may find it difficult not to find at least some MDF used for making the furniture or interiors. Today, MDF occupies a prominent place in the … Read more

14 Types of Ash Wood

knife and fork with wooden handles lie on ash wooden board, top view,

Ash comes from the Fraxinus genus, which belongs to the family of olives and lilac. An interesting fact about ash is that it can be either an evergreen or deciduous tree. In this post, we look at 14 different types of Ash wood and their characteristics that we use for furniture, flooring, and many other … Read more