Types of Oak Wood

Master bedroom in suburban home with oak wood furniture

Oak is extremely popular for furniture and flooring in the U.S. and several countries worldwide. It is a favorite among traditional artisans and woodworkers, especially with the Amish, who are famous for making classic furniture. Many different types of oak grow in different parts of the United States and across the world. Here, we look … Read more

Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoors?

Gidgee trees

Acacia is a huge genus containing several hundred species, spread over several countries and continents. It is also a very diverse form of wood that ranges from moderately to extremely hard. It proved next to impossible to accurately classify acacia due to its diverse variety that we find spread across the world. But acacia is … Read more

14 Types of Ash Wood

knife and fork with wooden handles lie on ash wooden board, top view,

Ash comes from the Fraxinus genus, which belongs to the family of olives and lilac. An interesting fact about ash is that it can be either an evergreen or deciduous tree. In this post, we look at 14 different types of Ash wood and their characteristics that we use for furniture, flooring, and many other … Read more

Types of Alder Wood

Texture of alder (high-detailed wood texture series)

We identify alder as a popular finish hardwood. It is among the softest hardwoods around, malleable, and called a “semi-hardwood.” Alder came into the limelight when it began to be used as an alternative to cherry and earned the name “poor man’s cherry.” Alder wood is a very versatile and workable species. There are a … Read more

Types of Poplar Wood

Natural gray texture from raw logs and branches of poplars in a pile on the streets

Poplar is one of the most abundant trees that grow in the United States and Canada. It is very useful for landscaping, and it has 30 unique species to its name. In this post, we feature poplar and study the various features that make this wood so popular among woodworkers in the United States. After … Read more

Types of Cedar Wood

cedar wood plank textured background - macro shot

We get cedar wood from a group of trees called “cedars,” which grow in various regions across the world. These trees have different uses, and the timber from cedar trees is much in demand for various woodworking applications. In this post, we discuss the cedar tree and the wood it yields. There are various types … Read more

List of Colleges with Woodworking Degrees

Old Workshop Place

Woodworking is a fascinating field, and you can get extremely attached to it. Some woodworkers have been in this field for years, some as amateurs and some as professionals. Whatever the level of involvement, you need considerable experience and preferably, but not mandatorily, a qualification. Many universities and colleges offer woodworking courses in the US. … Read more

The Best Way to Stain Wood

wood staining

A wood stain is a coating that serves the dual purpose of enhancing the looks of wood and offering a certain degree of protection. Whether you are an amateur or professional woodworker, you can save a lot of money by staining wood yourself. Wood staining requires a bit of skill, knowledge, and experience. If done … Read more

Best Wood for Walking Sticks

Wooden walking sticks are made for the elderly and disabled. They are patterned and filmed in front of the store.

As a woodworker, one of the most intriguing and satisfying projects you can undertake is making walking sticks. There are several types of wood with which you can make walking sticks. The trick is to identify the wood that not only suits the purpose but looks good as well. In this post, we look at … Read more

Mahogany Alternatives – In Search of Wood Substitutes

African Mahogany Woods

American mahogany is coveted the world over. The prices are increasing exponentially and the availability is reducing. The cost of processing this precious timber is skyrocketing, compelling the search for substitutes. Mahogany Substitutes There are many viable substitutes available in the market today if you make the effort to source these woods that have similar … Read more