Best Wood to Make Subwoofer Boxes (4 Good Types of Wood)

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Proac Super Tablette Subwoofer
Proac Super Tablette Subwoofer (Image: Jacques)

No car sound system is complete without subwoofers. You can buy ready-made subwoofers from the market. If you want to customize what goes into your subwoofer boxes, you can buy them separately. Then, you can install speakers of your choice inside the boxes you buy. To get you started, here are a few online ready-made subwoofers for automobiles:

Online Subwoofer Boxes

Bbox E12DSV Pro-Series Subwoofer Enclosure by Atrend

Bbox E12DSV Pro-Series 12” Dual Vented Subwoofer Enclosure
Bbox E12DSV Pro-Series 12” Dual Vented Subwoofer Enclosure. See on Amazon.

These subwoofer speaker enclosures by Atrend are constructed with careful attention to detail. You can get two options – the single vented or dual vented ones, to suit the available space you have. The enclosure design optimizes the bass response and attenuates low frequencies to create the ultimate subwoofer effect.

The robust CNC miter & dado design ensures tightly-fitted joints to minimize vibration and noise. To further enhance the speakers’ performance, the pneumatically-applied brad nails keep the high-grade MDF front baffle in place.


  • Delivers booming bass with the right speakers
  • Good finish
  • Compact box
  • Dual or single vented options available


  • Joints tend to come apart with more powerful speakers
  • Strong chemical smell


Car Audio Dual Vented Subwoofer Enclosure by American Sound Connection

Car Audio Dual 12" Vented Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box Ported Enclosure 5/8" MDF
American Sound Connection Car Audio Dual 12″ Vented Subwoofer. See on Amazon.

This dual 12” vented subwoofer enclosure by American Sound Connection is a good option for getting a decent bass response. Although air moves freely to and from the box, the air vent is tuned to the required frequency range. As a result, you get a considerable bass boost. This subwoofer box is made of precision-cut MDF and joined with liquid nails, which ensures complete sealing.

The finishing touch is the high-quality carpeting that encloses the entire subwoofer box. The spring-loaded terminal cups provide sound cable connections. The dimensions are such that the subwoofer box fits snugly into the allocated space in your vehicle.


  • High-quality carpet covering
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good customer service
  • Reasonably-priced


  • Some issues with workmanship
  • Somewhat lacking in the lower frequencies


Single 12 Inch Subwoofer Enclosure HD112VL by Q Power

Qpower Single 12 Inch SPL XL Heavy-Duty Side Ported Subwoofer Enclosure HD112VL
Heavy-Duty Side Ported Subwoofer.  (Amazon)

If you are looking for the added punch from a single subwoofer box, this one from Q Power may be what you are looking for. The 12” enclosure is side ported, made from 1″-thick MDF. The construction is robust, but this subwoofer is best used in a larger vehicle rather than a four-door sedan. You would do well to do a bit of fine-tuning by adding an extra piece of wood if you get reasonably satisfactory results out of the box. That way, you can get optimize the bass response of this subwoofer box.


  • Robust construction
  • Good bass response
  • High-quality 1”-thick MDF material


  • Requires a bit of tuning
  • Some reports of damaged deliveries


Best Wood For Making Subwoofer Boxes

If you want to save a bit of money, you can build your own subwoofers enclosures and have fun doing it. As a DIY person, you are probably familiar with different types of wood.

You can get a lot of information off the internet on how to build subwoofer boxes. Once you have decided on the type of enclosure that you want to make (there are several different types), you need to select your wood. To make your task easier, here is a list some of the best wood for making subwoofer boxes that you can get:

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) (Amazon)

MDF, which stands for medium-density fiberboard. comes under the category of “manufactured wood.” The reason for this is that it is processed as the result of a manufacturing process in a factory.

MDF does not come from a single piece of wood but is a conglomeration of fragments of different pieces and types of wood. This wood has strength and durability. Due to the scattered pattern of the grain, it is good at absorbing sound. This produces a dampening effect on the sound that gets generated within a box made from MDF.


Midwest Products 5314 Craft Plywood Sheet, 6 x 12 x 0.25 Inches
Craft Plywood Sheet. (Amazon)

Another popular option for making subwoofer boxes is plywood. The density of plywood is less than MDF. Hence, it weighs less. This makes it a viable choice for subwoofer boxes. However, it would help if you were careful about the consistency of plywood for subwoofer boxes. If there are defects in the material, there can be a tendency to rattle at particular frequencies.

Baltic Birch Plywood

6MM 1/4" x 12 x 24 Baltic Birch Plywood – B/BB Grade (Package of 3) Perfect for Arts and Crafts, School Projects and DIY Projects, Drawing, Painting, Wood Engraving, Wood Burning and Laser Projects
Baltic Birch Plywood. (Amazon)

If you are going to use plywood instead of MDF, then Baltic birch plywood serves as a good alternative. It is relatively more costly than regular plywood. It is also a higher grade of wood than standard plywood. However, Baltic birch plywood has a rich density, is easy to work on, and you can drill holes into it quickly.

Overall, you get better clarity and tone from this grade of plywood. Because of its extreme durability, subwoofer boxes made from this wood will be well-suited if you expect to be driving over rough terrain.

Particle Board

Decking, Particle Board, 60in, 48in, 1000 lb
Particle Board (Amazon)

Particle board also goes by the name of the chipboard. We can best consider particle board as the predecessor to MDF. As the name suggests, particleboard is made of chips of different types of wood, which come as a byproduct from sawmills.

Particle-board offers little mechanical strength, but it tops in acoustic properties. You can make it more resilient by adding insect-proof materials and fire retardants.

When you use particle board for subwoofer boxes, the right approach is to make the back panels out of particleboard. You can make the rest of the box out of more robust material. That way, you get a durable box with a side of acoustically sound chipboard.



Having a subwoofer in your vehicle is a great way to enhance your music experience as you cruise along. You have two choices. There are some excellent deals available on the market if you are ready to spend a bit of money on readymade subwoofer boxes.

However, if you have the time and the setup to create your own subwoofer boxes, you can complete some great projects. Now that you know the best wood for making subwoofer boxes, why not start your project today?


Featured Image by Phil Gradwell