Best Wood for Tool Handles

We tend to focus a lot on the different types of tools that we use in woodworking. But we rarely consider the wood that goes into making the handles for those tools. As a woodworker, it is useful to know about the most suitable wood for making tool handles and why we choose them. In … Read more

Teak vs. Walnut (Comparing Wood Lumber Species Pros & Cons)

Teak grain (top) vs Walnut (bottom) In woodworking circles, teak and walnut are among the most revered types of wood you can find. Teak and walnut furniture are extremely sought after. It adds class to any home or office due to the fine grain pattern, the rich, deep colors, and the smooth finish. Although teak … Read more

Spruce Wood vs. Pinewood (Pros & Cons)

Spruce and Pine trees fall under the category of conifers. They belong to a class of trees called Pinopsida. The most visible attributes of a conifer are the needles. While all conifers have “hands”, their arrangement can differ. In spruce trees, they attach individually to the branches. The bark of these trees is rough and … Read more

Bamboo Flooring vs Hardwood Flooring (Pros & Cons)

When you first look at it, you could easily mistake bamboo flooring for hardwood. In fact, we usually club bamboo flooring together with other varieties of solid hardwood flooring. Both materials come in planks of similar dimensions and even feel the same. But there are some apparent differences between these two varieties of wooden flooring … Read more

5 Types of Bamboo Flooring (Pros & Cons)

When we talk about wooden flooring, bamboo is a term that occasionally pops up. It is fast becoming a popular flooring option throughout the world. You get bamboo in a variety of colors at surprisingly affordable rates. Bamboo comes with several advantages like sustainability, easy workability, and a high level of durability. It is not … Read more

7 Types of Softwood Flooring

The classification of trees falls into two broad categories – hardwood and softwood, according to their seed structure. Although most hardwoods are hard, softwoods aren’t always soft. In fact, some hardwoods are softer than softwoods. Many softwoods are so named because they are more prone to dents and scratches. Because hardwoods have better abrasion resistance, … Read more

Wood Filler FAQs – Everything You Need To Know About Fillers

A much-discussed topic about woodworking is wood filler and its uses. Although every woodworker uses this substance abundantly almost every day, there is a lot of ambiguity about its use. You will not find a wood filler that suits every requirement. It depends on a variety of factors, and even the most experienced woodworkers may … Read more

Wood Putty vs. Wood Filler

When the surface of wood has cracks and blemishes or gaps between joints, we use putty or wood filler to fill these gaps. Although we use these two materials for similar purposes, they are distinctly different from each other. We also use each one for a specific set of tasks. In this post, we take … Read more

Bamboo Flooring Vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you are looking for an affordable but durable solution for wood flooring at your home, it would most likely be a toss-up of bamboo flooring Vs. engineered hardwood. Both these types of wood make great-looking floors, so you may be in two minds as to which one to choose. Don’t just look at samples, … Read more

How to Apply Wax on Wood (Wax Finish)

Whatever wooden items you have in your home, you would like them to look smooth and shiny. There are many different types of finish that you can apply to wood surfaces to make them look sleek. Waxing hardwood floors is a good and economical way of restoring life into the wood. In the mid-1900s, wax … Read more