Wood Glue Beginner FAQs

Set of isolated glue tubes or sticks, superglue

When you get started in woodworking there is a steep learning curve. Apart from all of the tools and machines and so many types of different wood something that seems as simple as glue can also be confusing. One of the most common sources of confusion is the types of wood glue on the market, … Read more

Red vs White Oak

wooden oak texture background

When we think of oak, we think of solidity. But if you look closer, you will see that you can find several different species of oak which differ widely in their properties. The most prominent oaks widely used in the United States are red oak and white oak. There are intrinsic differences that are worthwhile … Read more

Alternatives to Pressure-treated Wood

Weathered Wooden Deck — Photo

We create pressure-treated lumber by processing wood to make it more durable. While some wood becomes resistant to insects, decay, and damage from moisture, pressure treatment also creates fire-resistant wood. You can choose from a variety of different types of pressure-treated wood depending on your type of project. Alternatives to pressure-treated wood come in handy … Read more

Rosewood vs Walnut

Rosewood of firewood logs — Photo

The natural beauty of wood is undeniable. If managed properly, a forest can supply an unlimited supply of raw materials. Wood is the most environmentally friendly and long-lasting material that you can find. Further, the beautiful colors, hues, and grain patterns add attraction. Walnut and rosewood are two prime examples. Walnut vs rosewood is a … Read more

Walnut vs Ebony

wallnut vs ebony wood texture

The beautiful wood grain and color of walnut often motivate woodworkers not to change the color of the wood. But sometimes, they may use walnut as an alternative to another more exotic wood. Ebony is one such wood than could be replaced by walnut on occasion, and a woodworker may or may not alter the … Read more

Maple vs Mahogany

Maple wood texture background photo

When you plan your woodworking projects, one of the first considerations would be what type of wood to use. Initially, you might have to decide whether to use softwood or hardwood. Usually, the choice would be hardwood because it is strong, robust, and durable. Two prominent hardwoods you might use are maple and mahogany. Maple … Read more

Maple vs Cedar

Maple vs cedar wood texture background

The type of wood you use can have an important bearing on the quality of your work. Choosing the most suitable type for your woodworking project is the first important decision you need to make before you start. Two types of wood, maple and cedar wood are common choices for making furniture, cabinets, and flooring. … Read more

Birch vs Beech

birch vs beech tree branch

When choosing between different wood species, the primary considerations would be cost, availability, appearance, and durability. Two types of wood that are commonly compared and used by woodworkers are birch and beech. When you compare both kinds of wood, each one has its strong and weak points. The differences may not be very significant but … Read more

Birch vs Spruce

birch vs spruce tree photo

When it comes to selecting prime wood for making hardwood cabinets, you would want to consider various factors like price, availability, appearance, and durability of the wood. Two prominent types of wood in the world of woodworking are birch and spruce. While spruce is softwood birch is hardwood. Each of them is unique in its … Read more

Birch vs Acacia

Two types of commonly used wood are birch and acacia. You would hear these types of wood discussed a lot in woodworking circles. What are the differences? Which one is better than the other? These are the questions you might look for answers to. It is good to know the details about these types of … Read more