Best Birdhouse Paint Colors That Attract Birds

Colorful collection of birdhouses lined-up on a porch railing.

Watching the activities of birds in your garden or backyard is a satisfying experience. Once you’ve selected the best wood for your birdhouse, you may want to paint it to attract nesting birds. But is it safe to paint birdhouses? How will a bird react to a painted birdhouse? Is it safe for them? These … Read more

7 Types of Softwood Flooring

The classification of trees falls into two broad categories – hardwood and softwood, according to their seed structure. Although most hardwoods are hard, softwoods aren’t always soft. In fact, some hardwoods are softer than softwoods. Many softwoods are so named because they are more prone to dents and scratches. Because hardwoods have better abrasion resistance, … Read more

Wood Putty vs. Wood Filler

When the surface of wood has cracks and blemishes or gaps between joints, we use putty or wood filler to fill these gaps. Although we use these two materials for similar purposes, they are distinctly different from each other. We also use each one for a specific set of tasks. In this post, we take … Read more

How to Apply Wax on Wood (Wax Finish)

Whatever wooden items you have in your home, you would like them to look smooth and shiny. There are many different types of finish that you can apply to wood surfaces to make them look sleek. Waxing hardwood floors is a good and economical way of restoring life into the wood. In the mid-1900s, wax … Read more

11 Different Types of Hardwood Floor Finishes

If you have hardwood floors, you have a variety of finishes to choose from. It is critical to know which type of finish will be the most suitable for the kind of hardwood floor you have. The effect of wear and tear on your floors will determine the frequency with which you need to refinish … Read more

Best Wood for Musical Instruments

Making wooden musical instruments involves a craftsman who is usually also a musician. If the instrument has strings, a neck, and a soundbox, we call the craftsman a luthier. The luthier will pay great emphasis to the type of wood needed for a particular musical instrument. Whether you are a luthier or just a woodworker … Read more

Best Wood for Laser Cutting

Traditional woodworking used sheer manual muscle power. But modern woodworking has come a long way. These days there are a variety of electric tools that make the craft of cutting wood easy. Woodworkers now cut wood in ways that were not possible with traditional instruments. Laser cutting is a popular way of cutting material. If … Read more

Best Wood for a Chicken Coop

As a woodworker, you may come across several different projects. A popular project that is simple but satisfying to execute is making a chicken coop. Although the project is not a complex one, you still have to make specific considerations, keeping in mind that livestock will live in the structure that you create. One crucial … Read more

Best Wood For Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carvings are a great form of art that everyone appreciates. As a woodworker, if you have some experience and talent in wood carving, you could give chainsaw carving a shot. The chainsaw carver uses modified chainsaws for carving and whittling down a tree trunk or stump into shapes of animals and other objects. The … Read more

Best Wood to Make Raised Garden Beds (5 Good Types of Wood)

If you use raised beds for a vegetable or flower garden, your plants will thrive. A raised garden bed will take care of poor soil, sloping terrain, and lots of other issues. These beds consist of rectangular wooden frames that you can raise to the desired height and then fill with fresh soil. That way, … Read more

5 Types Of Woodworking Mallets – Woodworking Tools Guide

When you start to learn woodworking, one of the first tools that you will handle is a woodworking mallet. These tools form an essential part of any woodworking toolbox. We get different types of woodworking mallets to perform various carpentry tasks. Although you can find mallets that we use in several fields, the mallets we … Read more

Types of Poplar Wood

Natural gray texture from raw logs and branches of poplars in a pile on the streets

Poplar is one of the most abundant trees that grow in the United States and Canada. It is very useful for landscaping, and it has 30 unique species to its name. In this post, we feature poplar and study the various features that make this wood so popular among woodworkers in the United States. After … Read more

Types of Cedar Wood

cedar wood plank textured background - macro shot

We get cedar wood from a group of trees called “cedars,” which grow in various regions across the world. These trees have different uses, and the timber from cedar trees is much in demand for various woodworking applications. In this post, we discuss the cedar tree and the wood it yields. There are various types … Read more

Types of Ebony Wood

Texture of ebony (high-detailed wood texture series)

Ebony (Diospyros crassiflora) also goes by the name zebrawood. It is the most exotic, expensive, and rarest type of wood in the world. Ebony has been coveted by people for centuries, especially in the last 500 years. In this post, we study this precious wood in the world of woodworking and why it is so … Read more

List of Colleges with Woodworking Degrees

Old Workshop Place

Woodworking is a fascinating field, and you can get extremely attached to it. Some woodworkers have been in this field for years, some as amateurs and some as professionals. Whatever the level of involvement, you need considerable experience and preferably, but not mandatorily, a qualification. Many universities and colleges offer woodworking courses in the US. … Read more

The Best Way to Stain Wood

A wood stain is a coating that serves the dual purpose of enhancing the looks of wood and offering a certain degree of protection. Whether you are an amateur or professional woodworker, you can save a lot of money by staining wood yourself. Wood staining requires a bit of skill, knowledge, and experience. If done … Read more

Ebony Alternatives

Wood sample Macassar ebony

It takes anywhere between 60 and 200 years for an ebony tree to be ready for harvesting. Then, only one in ten trees meet the requirements of the “black core” that ebony is so well-known for and to make musical instruments. The rest of the trees are left to rot. Such is the sad story … Read more

Types of Finishing Oil for Wood

We usually don’t leave wood on its own after making woodworking items and wooden structures. We apply a wood “finish” which means applying a coating to protect the wood from environmental damage. If we do not apply a proper finish, cracks may develop in the wood and it could swell on drying and deteriorate. Types … Read more

Bubinga Wood Alternatives

Furniture from the Bloemenwerf House, Henry van de Velde, 1895, bubinga wood

Humankind has exploited Mother Earth to such an extent that the damage caused has almost reached an irreversible stage. One of the major offenses in the exploitation of the earth over the years has been deforestation. Not only was the environment destroyed, but trees were ruthlessly ripped out with no intention of replacing them. Today … Read more

Best Wood for Table Legs

Bouquet of artificial poppies in a vase on the round table

If you have to choose wood for table legs, the primary consideration is strength. However, several other factors come into play, like workability, durability, and aesthetics. Although a particular wood may be extremely hard, it may be difficult to cut due to its high tensile strength. So, we need to choose our wood carefully. When … Read more

Best Wood for Window Frames

New Windows

Whether you work on a replacement job or install completely new windows, wooden frames offer a durable solution with a material that looks good as well. There are many different types of wood in the market that you can use to make window frames. However, it can get quite confusing. In this post, we discuss … Read more