Best Wood for Beginner Woodworking (Getting Started)

It is quite easy to get intimidated when you go to buy lumber for your first woodworking projects. You will already be somewhat apprehensive about the various aspects of woodworking that you are still trying to grasp. There are two aspects to your challenging situation. To begin with, locating suitable lumber for your first projects is not an easy … Read more

Best Types of Wood for Making a Jewelry Box

We get jewelry boxes in all shapes and sizes. People of all ages and social groups use jewelry boxes. You can find jewelry boxes for children, women, and even men. A jewelry box may be a small, little enclosure for a single ring, or multiple-compartment boxes containing many different pieces of jewelry. Although you can buy … Read more

Best Wood for Relief Carving

Relief carving is a specialized form of wood carving where we carve figures and objects from a flat piece of wood. This form of art is similar to sculpting. However, the difference here is that the figures only project a bit from the background. We classify wood relief carving into high and medium relief depending … Read more

Types of Tools for Wood Engraving

Wood engraving traces its origin down to the early 19th century. Initially started by Thomas Bewick, it involves cutting intricate patterns into the wood for printing images. It was this process that revolutionized the printing industry at a time when computerized imaging was not available. Understandably the tools used for wood engraving are highly specialized, … Read more

Best Wood for Sign Making

You see signs everywhere. You can find signboards in different materials; however, the most prevalent material is wood. There is a lot of information on the internet regarding how to make various types of signs. The type of wood you use mainly depends on the purpose of the sign and where you want to place … Read more

Best Wood for Making a Knife Block

One of the most important and critical of kitchen tools is a knife. You will never find a kitchen with only one knife. There are different knives that we use for specific tasks. For example, you get carving knives, paring knives, tomato knives, bread knives, cheese knives, and chef’s knives, to name a few. With … Read more

Best Wood For Engraving (Top Picks for Dremel & Laser)

Engraving is where we cut design on a flat surface to create a three-dimensional effect. We can use a Dremel to perform engraving tasks. The name “Dremel” denotes the company that first produced high-speed engraving tools. A Dremel is often used in combination with a “burin”. We may also use a suitable router. Different types … Read more

Best Types of Wood for Furniture

When we think about furniture, we think about wood. You can get some beautiful furniture made up of steel, plastic and a variety of different materials. However, nothing can beat well-made wooden furniture made from good-quality wood. Wood is one of the most widely-used materials in the world, and you can make furniture out all … Read more